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Newspapers in library on Silver Spirit

ABOVE: Satellite editions of daily newspapers in Silver Spirit's library.

Other amenities

Like most cruise ships, Silver Spirit has a good assortment of services and features beyond the basics of accommodation, food, and entertainment. Here's a sampling:

Library. Silver Spirit has two libraries:

  • Library on Silver SpiritThe main library on Deck 7, where you'll find a good assortment of popular books, magazines, the day's newspapers in various languages (see photo above),  DVDs that you can view in your suite, audio listening stations, and PCs where you can browse the Web (see below), transfer files from your camera or laptop to CDs, or print documents.

  • Observation Lounge bookcases on Silver SpiritSeveral bookcases in the Observation Lounge on Deck 12, which are filled with travel guides and books about ships.

Books and DVDs are borrowed on the honor system: Just take what you want and return it at your convenience. (No checkout required.)

Newspaper on Silver SpiritNewspapers in multiple languages. Each morning, you'll find a four-page digest-style newspaper in the mail bracket outside your door. Newspapers are supplied in a variety of languages, and--where possible--content is targeted to the passenger's nationality.

In addition, Silversea offers a "Silvernews" option for well-heeled news junkies. For US $7.50 per issue, the ship's staff will download, print, and deliver a large-format satellite edition of a newspaper to your cabin each day. (Choices include 280 newspapers from 50 countries.) Feeling thrifty? You can save money by browsing among the newspapers in several languages that are brought to the ship's library each day.

Casino on Silver SpiritCasino. Silver Spirit's small casino on Deck 8 is open for blackjack, roulette, and slot machines when the ship is at sea. If your tastes run to contract bridge or Old Maid, you can retire to the Card Room, which offers "unsupervised play" for addicts of the four suits. (Some voyages have bridge tournaments; look for a "Bridge" icon in Silversea's cruise calendar.)

Boutiques on Silver SpiritBoutiques. You'll probably want to do most of your shopping on shore, but if you have money to burn after winning at the casino--or if you have an onboard credit that you need to spend--you can shop for jewelry, designer clothes, cruisewear, Silversea logo items, perfumes, and necessities in the shops on Deck 8.

Fitness Center on Silver SpiritFitness Center and Jogging Track. Silver Spirit has a well-equipped gym on Deck 6, a small running track on Deck 10 (with free bottled water in a cooler), and classes led by a personal trainer. Table tennis and golf-putting competitions are also available, and you can swim laps in the pool if you manage to beat the crowd.

Spa on Silver SpiritSpa. We didn't indulge ourselves with spa treatments (we're too Calvinist in our upbringing to appreciate hands-on pampering by strangers), but readers of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine voted Silver Spirit's spa #1 in a 2012 poll. The spa, which measures 8,300 square feet or 770 m², has nine treatment rooms, a thermal suite (inset photo), and other amenities. Haircutting and other beauty treatments are also available.

Wi-Fi on Silversea CruisesInternet access. Silversea has a variety of Internet packages, starting at 100 minutes. Alternatively, you can pay as you go. You'll pay the same rate whether you use the PCs in the library or access the Internet via Wi-Fi anywhere on the ship. (Our Internet package cost US $85 for 250 minutes, and satellite speeds were excellent during our voyage from Lisbon to Monte Carlo.)

  • Tip: If you're a heavy e-mail user, you can save money with an e-mail program that lets you read and compose messages offline (such as Outlook or Thunderbird).

Laundry bag on Silver SpiritLaundry. In addition to free laundromats, Silver Spirit provides same-day laundry, dry cleaning, and pressing at rates that are comparable to what you might pay at home. Just hang a laundry bag outside the door of your suite before 9 a.m., and your butler will bring the clean clothes to your suite during the afternoon. (Your butler will also shine shoes at no charge.)

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