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Skansen Open-Air Museum, Stockholm

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ABOVE: Don't miss the selection of homebaked pastries at Bageriet (the bakery) in the Town Quarter, which was built in the 1870s.

Food and drink at Skansen

You won't go hungry at Skansen: The museum a variety of cafťs and restaurants, some open during the summer and others year-round.

Solliden Restaurants are in a modern building on the plateau above the main entrance, overlooking the city and harbor.

Skansen Terrassen is a family-friendly self-service buffet for lunches, snacks, and afternoon tea or coffee. It's open year-round.

Restauration ubbhyllan, a bar-restaurant in a former summer house and pastry shop dating to 1816, is at at the base of the Skansen escalator near the main entrance. It offers full meals, snacks, drinks, and cakes.

In the Town Quarter, Stora Gunghan, a.k.a. "The Big Swing Tavern," is a cozy tile-roofed farmouse from 1801 where you can get drinks and light meals. (During summer, you can eat at picnic tables outdoors.) The Bakery, shown in the photo above, offers freshly baked pastries and buns.

The Tre Tyttor Taverne is a mock 18th Century pub that serves Swedish food during the summer. (It's in the same building as the Solliden Restaurants.)

In summer, you'll find other food vendors and kiosks scattered about the grounds.

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