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Museum in der "Runde Ecke"

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Stasi logo

The former GDR Ministry of State Security's coat of arms would be at home in the headquarters of the National Rifle Association.

Stasi office

Even in the late 1980s, this Stasi office must have looked old-fashioned by Western standards.

Stasi postmarks

Stasi employees spent much of their time reading other people's mail. If an envelope was damaged, they'd put the letter in a new envelope with a phony postmark. (The fake postmarks weren't always convincing--note the German-language "Minsk Postamt" postmark from the USSR.)

Stasi surveillance cameras

Domestic spies in the GDR used specially-designed film and video surveillance cameras to keep an eye on citizens and potential informers.

cell doorcell interior

The Stasi headquarters in Leipzig had cells where suspects were housed for interrogation or until they could be transferred to other prisons.

wet shredder

When discarding files, the Stasi used a "wet shredder" that turned shredded paper into a pulp.

papier-mâché from wet shredder

The resulting clumps of papier-mâché were unreadable (unlike ordinary shredded paper, which can be reconstructed by modern computers and software).

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Interior photos taken by permission of:
Bürgerkomitee Leipzig e.V. für die Auflösung der ehemaligen Staatssicherheit (MfS), Träger der Gedenkstätte Museum in der "Runden Ecke" mit dem Museum im Stasi-Bunker.