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Nuremberg Cruise Port Directions

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From your ship to Nuremberg Airport

Nuremberg cruise-ship port

Your ship will moor at one of 10 numbered berths along the Main-Danube Canal. In the photo above, you can see the road that you'll be taking (at left) to leave the quay.

If your ship is tied up at a lower-numbered berth, the road will be ahead of or next to your ship.

Port of Nuernberg

If your ship is tied up at a higher-numbered berth, you'll need to walk under the bridge toward the lower numbers until you reach the road just beyond berth 5.

Nuremberg cruise port

Continue to the road that leads uphill. (From berths 1 to 4, a bicycle and pedestrian path offers a shortcut to the road from the waterfront.)

Follow the road past the parking lot to the major street above at the end of the bridge. The grade is gentle, and the walk is short.

Bridge above Nuremberg cruise port

When you reach the bridge, turn left and walk across the bridge (toward the camera, in this photo).

Nuremberg Rotterdamer Strasse intersection

No. 67 bus stopContinue past the bus stop to the intersection, where you'll see two sets of crosswalks with traffic lights.

Press the buttons by the crosswalks and wait for a walk signal, then cross both streets to the bus stop across the major road.

(The photo above is looking back toward the bridge and port from the bus stop that you'll be using.)

VGN Nr 67 bus to Fuerth Hauptbahnhof

Catch the No. 67 public bus toward Fürth Hbf. (Buses run frequently, and you'll see a timetable in the bus shelter.)

Buy a ticket from the driver when you board the bus. If the driver asks where you're going, say "Flughafen." ("Floog-hah-fen.")

For more information on U-Bahn, tram, and bus travel in Nuremberg (including an interactive journey planner), visit

U-Bahn train in Nuremberg

Get off the bus at Röthenbach and transfer to the U-Bahn U2 line in the direction of Flughafen/Airport, using your existing ticket. (The bus ride is about 13 minutes, and the U-Bahn ride is 23 minutes.)

Note: Röthenbach is at the beginning of the U2 Line, so you can just board the next waiting train.

U2 Flughafen/Airport U-Bahn sign

The Flughafen/Airport station is the end of the U2 line. Leave the train,  take the escalator or elevator upstairs to the sidewalk in front of the terminal.

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