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An American in Paris:
Glenn Cooper

Continued from: An Apartment in Paris

photoGlenn Cooper is the owner of Cooper Paris Flats, one of the earliest agencies to offer short-term apartment bookings on the Internet. We first linked to his Web site back in the late 1990s, when most of his competitors used printed catalogs and had yet to discover e-mail or online booking forms.

After staying in one of Glenn's Paris apartments, I followed up with several questions by e-mail:

Q: In what year did you move to Paris?

A: 1991.

Q: What prompted you to settle in Paris?

A: While in college at the University of Pennsylvania, I had a chance to come to Paris during my sophomore year for a summer internship. I had a great summer here and decided to come back in my junior year and study at the Sorbonne which was another great experience. I made lots of friends, very quickly got integrated into lots of circles of people in Paris and quickly felt very at home here.

When I graduated in 1991, I had a job offer to come back to Paris and work as a banker. I changed jobs several times, and ended up creating my Paris short term rental agency, Cooper Paris Flats.

Living here for a number of years and helping people to find places to stay as they come over for visits quickly taught me what was important to people coming here for short stays. I decided that by creating my own company, I would be able to provide guests with comfortable centrally located apartments and in addition, provide my personal help with different questions they had during their stay here.

Q: Have you got any tips for people who might want to rent from you--e.g., how far in advance to book at different times of the year?

A: The busiest months of the year are usually April, May, June, July, September and October and Christmas week, when we usually fill up completely. If you're planning a trip to Paris for these months, book as soon as you know your travel dates to make sure you get the perfect apartment for your needs.

If you can travel off season, it is fine to come to Paris in August, which has a lot more going on nowadays than in the past. The months of February and March are also very good months when the city has lots of activity going on (exhibits, parades, etc.). These months tend to be a bit quieter, so you can wait to see if you can get last-minute air fares and then book an apartment.

Guests can check available apartments online at www.rentals-paris.com/getpropsbydate.asp by entering the dates of their stay.

Note: Glenn Cooper has purchased a dozen Paris apartments over the years, and he now offers a service for expats and other foreigners who need help in buying Paris real estate. He can help you work with property brokers, bankers, renovation contractors, notaries, and other specialists. (And, of course, you can rent an apartment from Cooper Paris Flats while you're waiting for the decorators to finish remodeling your new digs.)

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