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An Apartment in Paris

Cooper Paris Flats
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photo LEFT: Cheryl Imboden in the courtyard inside our building's entrance.

Arrival and check-in

We arrived the day before our apartment was available, so we spent the night at the Hotel des Ducs du Bourgogne on the Rue de Pont Neuf, just a few blocks away. The next day, we picked up our keys at the Cooper Paris Flats office in the Rue Saint-Honoré, and Anne--one of Glenn's very helpful employees--showed us around the apartment and asked us to sign an inventory sheet. She also gave us a Paris guidebook and drew our attention to Glenn's handbook for our apartment, which included instructions, emergency phone numbers, and suggestions on where to dine and shop in the neighborhood.

When we asked Anne about check-out procedures, her answer was reassuring: All we needed to do was wash the dishes, pile our used linens on the bathroom floor, leave our keys on the coffee table, and pull the door shut behind us on our way out.


  • Glenn Cooper is very detail-oriented (as one might expect of a former banker), and he obviously has given considerable thought to minimizing hassles for guests. For example, he includes all utilities in the price, and the apartment has a telephone with voicemail that can be used for free local calls or for long-distance calls with a phone card.

  • Being able to call the office is a great convenience if you have a problem or simply need an answer to a question. (If Glenn isn't in, one of his employees usually is, and Glenn is quick to answer his voicemail.)

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Arrival and Check-in
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