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Paris RER (2019)

How to use RER rapid-transit trains, which link to the Paris Métro and serve both the city and its suburbs.


ABOVE: Passengers board a train of RER Ligne C.

Most visitors to Paris are aware of the Métro, a rapid-transit system that opened in 1900. Fewer know that the RER, a commuter rail network more formally known as the the Réseau Express Régional, also offers rapid transit within Paris--along with frequent service to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Versailles, Disneyland Paris, and other suburban destinations.

Since its beginnings in 1961, the RER has grown into a network of five major lines that radiate in all directions from the city center. RER trains stop at SNCF railway stations and have connections or correspondances with important Métro transfer points.

For example, you can take RER Line B in from Charles de Gaulle Airport and change to the Métro at Chatelet-Les Halles (Right Bank) or Saint-Michel (Left Bank) to reach your hotel.

The RER can also be handy for tourist travel within the city: RER Line C follows the Left Bank of the Seine for most of its length, with stops at Saint-Michel (Latin Quarter and Notre Dame), the Musée d'Orsay, Invalides, and Pont de l'Alma (Eiffel Tower) that are just a few minutes apart.

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