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Hotel della Torre Argentina

Hotel Review
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Largo di Torre Argentina

The Hotel della Torre Argentina is a few meters west of the Largo di Torre Argentina, a square with the ruins of four Roman temples that were excavated in the 1920s.

Cat at the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

The square also houses the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, a shelter for about 350 cats that are free to explore or take naps in the ruins.

No. 8 Rome tram at Largo Torre Argentina

On the western side of the Largo, alongside the ruins, the No. 8 tram line offers direct service to the district of Trastevere and its railroad station (where you can catch trains to Fiumicino Airport and the cruise port of Civitavecchia).

Hotel della Torre Argentina

The Hotel della Torre Argentina's entrance faces the Argentina bus stop on the Corso Emanuele Vittorio II. (You can reach the hotel on public bus 40 from Termini Station.)

Hotel della Torre Argentina staircase

The hotel has an elevator, but the red-carpeted marble staircase is a handsome alternative to the lift.

Hotel della Torre Argentina guest room

Hotel della Torre Argentina bedroom

My room was a double sold as a single. Its decor was a little old-fashioned, with a wood armoire, wooden doors, an extremely high ceiling, and an electric trouser press. (Note the chandelier, which provided decent illumination, and the duct for the built-in air conditioning system.)

For Internet access, I had to plug an Ethernet cable into my notebook computer. This wasn't as convenient as Wi-Fi, but connection speeds were faster and (at least in theory) more secure.

Hotel della Torre Argentina bathroom

In contrast to the bedroom, my bathroom at the Hotel della Torre Argentina was ultramodern, with an integrated sink-countertop and plenty of dark marble. (You can see the folding door of the shower enclosure in the mirror.)

Hotel della Torre Argentina breakfast room

The Hotel della Torre Argentina's breakfast room is a series of vaulted cellars with brick walls and plenty of tables.

Hotel della Torre Argentina breakfast cakes and pastries

If you missed dessert the previous evening, you can make up for your loss by gorging on cakes and pastries at breakfast.

The Hotel della Torre Argentina's breakfast buffet also has breads, cereals, cheeses, cold cuts, yogurt, fruit, juices, and other items. Coffee is self-serve, from a machine similar to those on cruise ships. (It's adequate, but it can't compete with freshly-made espresso or cappuccino at a Roman bar.)

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