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Rome Metro

How to ride the Metropolitana di Roma, which has two lines that connect many of Rome's most popular hotel areas and tourist attractions.

The Metropolitana di Roma offers a quick, easy way to travel between Stazione Termini (Rome's central railroad station) and several major tourist areas.

Although the Rome Metro is tiny in comparison to the Paris Metro, the London Underground, or the Madrid Metro, its trains run at frequent intervals, and Rome's subway fares are among the cheapest in Western Europe.

Rome Metro Line A Spagna stop

ABOVE: A sign points to the Spagna station of the Rome Metro's Linea A. INSET: On Metro platforms, stay behind the yellow line unless you're boarding or exiting a train.

Rome Metro train - Photo by Yassen TcholakovOn page 2 of this article, you'll learn about the Rome Metro's two lines and how to ride the trains.

For related information, see our Metrebus Tickets and Fares article, which includes step-by-step instructions for using ticket machines in Rome Metro stations.

Updated February, 2017

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