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Venice Hotels with Parking

If you'd rather not park in a remote garage or lot, this article will point you in the right direction.

Hotel Cris, Mestre

ABOVE: The three-star Hotel Cris in Mestre has a locked parking area behind the building. Parking is free for guests.

If you're arriving in Venice with a car, you have four choices:

  • Park in a remote lot or garage, such as the parking island of Tronchetto, Terminal Fusina, or San Giuliano (see our Parking in Venice article), and bring your luggage to a hotel in the car-free historic center, or....

  • Stay on the car-friendly Venetian mainland (preferably in Mestre or Marghera), where you can commute into the city by train, tram, or city bus; or...

  • Take a No. 17 car ferry to Venice's island beach resort, the Lido di Venezia, where cars are allowed and many hotels offer parking. (From the Lido, you can easily catch a vaporetto or water bus into the historic center of Venice.

  • Stay at Ca' Doge or Casanova Fourrooms, two small B&Bs on the Piazzale Roma at the edge of Venice's historic center. Both B&Bs offer private parking for cars, motorcycles, and motorcycles. (Car parking isn't cheap, however.)

Assuming that you want to be near your car (and don't want to pay a fortune for parking), you'll probably be interested in our listings of:

Hotels in Mestre & Marghera

Hotels on the Lido di Venezia


  • If you're annoyed by parking fees, look for the words "free parking" in our hotel descriptions.

  • Links from our hotel descriptions will take you to the hotels' pages on our partner site, is Europe's leading secure reservations service, with guaranteed lowest available rates and free cancellation unless otherwise indicated.

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