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Treviso-Venice / Venice-Treviso Airport Buses

ATVO & Barzi Bus

How to take inexpensive ground transportation from Treviso's Canova Airport to Piazzale Roma in Venice, or vice versa. (Treviso Airport is one of the two Venice airports for Ryanair and Wizz Air.)

ATVO Venice - Treviso airport bus in Piazzale Roma.

ABOVE: An ATVO Venice-Treviso bus awaits passengers in Venice's Piazzale Roma.

Basic Treviso-Venice airport bus fares:

Ryanair, one of the leading European low-cost airlines, has flights that connect Venice with cities throughout Europe. Wizz Air, another bargain airline, also has cheap flights to and from Venice.

But be aware: Not all Ryanair and Wizz Air flights use Venice Marco Polo International Airport or VCE. Many Ryanair and Wizz Air flights arrive or depart at Treviso Airport (a.k.a. Antonio Canova Airport or TSF), which is 25 km or 16 miles from Venice.

Fortunately, two bus companies offer frequent scheduled service between Treviso Airport and the city of Venice. Buses are modern air-conditioned "Pullman" coaches with ground-level baggage compartments.

ATVO (our choice)

ATVO ticket machine at Treviso Canova airport.

ABOVE: At Treviso's Canova Airport, you can buy ATVO bus tickets from a counter on the ground floor of the main terminal or from a vending machine near the buses.

ATVO express buses nominally require 60 to 70 minutes to cover the distance between TSF and Venice's Piazzale Roma, or 40 to 50 minutes to the Mestre railroad station. (If you're lucky and traffic is light, the trip may be slightly quicker.)

Here's how to use ATVO buses:

  • At Treviso Airport, buy your ticket from an ATVO ticket machine or at the ATVO counter for €12 one-way or €22 roundtrip.

  • At Venice's Piazzale Roma, buy your ticket at the ATVO "Venezia Air Terminal" office on the northern side of the square, from the ticket machine outside the office, or from a nearby newsstand that advertises bus and waterbus tickets.

  • Stamp your ticket in the validation machine at the bus stop or on the bus. (Often the driver or an ATVO agent will validate your ticket before you board.)

  • You can also order ATVO tickets online with a discount for two or more tickets. These must be reserved for a specific dates. Print out the PDF ticket receipt and show it to the ATVO staff or driver when boarding.

  • For more information, including timetables in PDF format, see the ATVO Web site's Treviso Airport Bus Express page.

  • Note: ATVO's Treviso buses are often labeled "Brusutti," rather than "ATVO." Brusutti operates the service for ATVO.

ATVO ticket office in Venice's Piazzale Roma.

Newsstand in Piazzale Roma, Venice, with ATVO ticket banner.

ABOVE: In Venice, you can buy ATVO bus tickets in the company's office in Piazzale Roma, from a vending machine outside the office, or from licensed newsstands.

Barzi Bus Service

Barzi takes 40 minutes to cover the distance between TSF and Venice, with a single stop in Mestre. Unfortunately, Barzi's Venice stop has been moved from Piazzale Roma to the much less convenient People Mover stop on the parking island of Tronchetto. But here's how to use Barzi if you're so inclined:

Ground transportation ticket counter in Treviso Canova Airport.

  • At the airport, buy your ticket at the Barzi desk or on the bus. The fare is €10 one-way or €18 roundtrip. (Return tickets are valid for 10 days.)

  • In Venice, buy your ticket as you board the bus.

  • You can also order tickets online.

  • In Mestre, Barzi buses stop in front of the Enjoy bar at Mestre Railroad Station.

For more information, including timetables, see Barzi Bus Service's Line to/from Treviso Airport page.

Treviso ATVO airport bus sign in Piazzale Roma, Venice.

ABOVE: A sign shows where to catch the ATVO bus from Venice's Piazzale Roma to Treviso Airport.

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