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ATVO "Venezia Express" to Venice's Piazzale Roma

From: Venice Airport Buses

ATVO's "Venezia Express" coach offers the quickest and most comfortable bus transportation between Marco Polo Airport and Venice. You can buy tickets online, inside the arrivals terminal, or from a curbside vending machine.

ATVO and ACTV bus ticket machines Venice Marco Polo Airport.

ABOVE: You can buy ATVO tickets from vending machines or a ticket counter in Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Airport bus options:

The ATVO "Venezia Express" coach from Marco Polo Airport to Venice's Piazzale Roma costs €10,00 one way, or €18,00 round trip. It's by far your most convenient option if you're able to climb a few steps when boarding, since the coach has a luggage compartment underneath where you can stow your bags.

The ATVO bus stops are located on a strip of sidewalk between two vehicle lanes outside the arrivals and baggage-claim area. Look for the No. 2 stop ("Venezia Piazzale Roma" or "Venezia Express"), which is to the left of door D as you exit the terminal.

ATVO ticket machine at Venice Marco Polo AirportAt Venice Marco Polo airport, you can buy tickets in several locations:

  • At the ATVO's ticket counter in the baggage-claim area.

  • At ATVO ticket counters in the arrivals area (one facing the exit from baggage claim, the other to the left of the exit).

  • From the ticket machines (three in baggage claim, and another three outside the terminal at the ATVO bus stops).

  • From the ATVO's staff at the bus stops, who will also provide information if you need it.

You can also order tickets online for specific dates only from the ATVO's Web site, with a discount for your advance purchase if you order two tickets or more.  When ordering online, you'll receive an e-mail with a PDF booking confirmation. Print out the PDF file or the e-mail and use it as your ticket when boarding.

Travel time to the Piazzale Roma is 20 minutes, and the bus has free Wi-Fi.

For more information, including timetables in PDF format and online ticket purchasing, see the ATVO Web site's Venice Airport pages. Choose "Venice Marco Polo Airport - Venice Piazzale Roma (express service)."

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  • ATVO office in Piazzale RomaTo take the coach from Venice to the airport, buy a ticket at the ATVO storefront facing the Piazzale Roma and take the red-and-white crosswalk to the center of the square, where you'll see signs for ATVO coaches to the Venice and Treviso airports. (A ticket machine is outside the office, on the sidewalk.) Alternatively, you can buy tickets at the newsstand near the buses, which is open every day except Sunday.

  • Board the coach for Marco Polo Airport unless you're flying on Ryanair or Wizz Air, which depart from Treviso's Canova Airport. (See our Treviso Airport buses article if you're using one of those budget airlines.)

  • Be sure to validate your ticket before or immediately after boarding the ATVO coach. At the airport, you'll find a stamping machine on the ticket machine by the bus stop; at the Piazzale Roma, stamp your ticket in the machine behind the driver's seat unless the driver takes your ticket and punches it for you outside the bus. (You do not need to validate tickets that you ordered onlilne, since these are for specific dates.)

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  • ATVO coaches are generally reliable, but it pays to have a backup plan--and money for a taxi--if the bus doesn't show up. (Our daughter and grandson once had a 7 a.m. flight from Marco Polo Airport, and the 5 a.m. bus from the Piazzale Roma failed to arrive. Fortunately, there were a couple of  taxis waiting in the Piazzale Roma at that hour, so they managed to make their flight.)

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