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ACTV "Aerobus" to Venice's Piazzale Roma

From: Venice Airport Buses

ACTV's No. 5 'Aerobus' costs as much as the much nicer ATVO coach, but it's available as an add-on for Venice vaporetto passes.

Venice Marco Polo Airport ticket counter for land and water buses.

ABOVE: You can buy ACTV and ATVO tickets and passes at a counter or from vending machines in Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Airport bus options:

ACTV is the public-transportation agency for Venice and its mainland suburbs. Its transit routes include the ACTV Line 5 "Aerobus," which runs frequently between the airport and the city from about 4 a.m. until 1 a.m. and costs €10 one way or €18 roundtrip.

Travel time from Marco Polo Airport to the Piazzale Roma is approximately 20 to 25 minutes, depending on traffic and how often the bus needs to stop for local passengers.

Because this bus costs as much as the faster and more comfortable ATVO bus, it may seem like a poor choice. However, there are two reasons why it may be worth considering, especially if you don't have much luggage:

  • The "Aerobus" stops at hotels along the road from Marco Polo Airport (though you probably won't want to stay at those isolated hotels unless you have a car), and...

  • You can buy an "Aerobus + Nave" ticket for €18 that combines a one-way bus ride and a vaporetto water bus to or from the Piazzale Roma in Venice.  This will save you a small amount of money, and--more important--it will save you from having to stand in line for a vaporetto ticket if you're arriving at the Piazzale Roma from the airport.

    (The Aerobus + Nave ticket is good for 90 minutes, so transfer to a water bus promptly after arriving in the city.)

  • Warning: You'll need to carry your luggage into the bus with you,  and the bus may be crowded with local commuters. (On the plus side, the bus has a low floor and may be easier to board than the ATVO coach if you have trouble climbing steps.)

Where to buy tickets at the airport:

You can buy ACTV single-fare tickets at the public-transportation booth in the arrivals terminal, which also sells 12-hour to 7-day ACTV Tourist Travel Cards, ATVO coach tickets, etc.

  • Tip: If you purchase an ACTV travel pass, you can buy ACTV "Aerobus" airport bus tickets for use in combination with the card at a discounted price of €7 one way or €13 roundtrip.

    This is a good deal only if you want to validate and use the ACTV travel pass on your day of arrival, and if you're returning to the airport before the validity period has expired.

  • Youth discounts: Another option, the Rolling Venice card, is for young people between the ages of 6 and 29. You can buy the three-day city vaporetto and bus pass in combination with a one-way or roundtrip "Aerobus" ticket. Click here for details.

Banner - Venice hotels near airport buses

Once you have your ticket, head for the sidewalk in front of the airport terminal and look for the ACTV stop. Wait for the No. 5 bus. (The route number and destination are shown on an LED display on the front of the bus.)

ACTV electronic ticket readerImmediately after boarding the bus, validate your ticket. Hold it up to the electronic card reader on the bus and wait for a green light and a beep.

The No. 5 bus will stop a number of times on the 20-minute trip into Venice, so stay on board until you've crossed the causeway and reached the end of the line. For more information, visit the ACTV Web site.

  • Note: To take the No. 5 bus from Venice to the airport, buy a ticket at the tile-roofed Hellovenezia building in the Piazzale Roma or at a ticket machine. Alternatively, you can buy ACTV bus tickets ahead of time at at tobacco shops and many newssstands.

    Be sure to validate your ticket before or immediately after boarding the No. 5 bus, which is usually parked along the front of the square near a newsstand.


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