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Walking directions to Casanova FourRooms (with map)

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Casanova FourRooms, Venice

Venice's Casanova FourRooms is located near the southwestern corner of the Piazzale Roma,  across from the People Mover station (which offers cheap, quick transportation to the Marittima cruise port and the Tronchetto parking island).

The tiny B&B is accessible by car, and you can even park in the adjacent lot--albeit for a steep daily fee.

How to reach Casanova FourRooms from Piazzale Roma:

Casanova FourRooms directions map

  1. As you leave the airport bus or taxi, walk toward the large parking garage and the People Mover station behind the airport buses.

  2. At the corner, cross the street to the southwest side of the square, which is lined with low buildings.

  3. Casanova FourRooms faces the square. Look for a discreetly-marked doorway next to a parking entrance and the Ca' Doge B&B. (Check in at Ca' Doge.)

For a video preview of your walk, click below:

From the Marittima cruise terminals:

  1. Take a free shuttle bus (if available), a taxi, or the People Mover elevated tramway (just outside the port entrance) to the Piazzale Roma.

  2. Follow the directions above.

From the Santa Lucia railroad station:

Venice Railroad station to Piazzale Roma map

  1. As you leave the station, turn right and walk past the large building to the Calatrava Bridge, a.k.a. the Ponte della Costituzione.

  2. Cross the bridge to the Piazzale Roma.

  3. Walk around the Piazzale Roma to the southwest side, where you'll Casanova FourRooms next to a parking entrance and the Ca' Doge B&B.

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MAP CREDITS: Walking maps by Anders Imboden, using base data from the Comune di Venezia and Regione Veneto under license IODL-2.0.
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