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Lido Beaches and Recreation

From: Lido di Venezia (Venice Lido)

Lifeguard on Lido public beach

ABOVE: A lifeguard keeps watch over a beach on the Lido during a quiet morning in May.


Beaches (spiagge) run the length of the Lido's Adriatic side, from the sand dunes behind San Nicolò on the north to the Bagni Alberoni and an adjacent nature area on the south.

The most popular beach areas are in the heavily-populated sections of the island, which run from just above the Gran Viale Santa Maria Santa Elisabetta to the Hotel Excelsior. For an overview of the Lido's beaches, see our Lido satellite map.

Beach huts on the Lido di VeneziaThe sand along the water is open to everyone, but in many areas, private beach clubs limit access from the Lido's waterfront boulevards. These beach clubs--which are mostly open from June through August--rent huts, umbrellas, deck chairs, etc. by the day, week, month, or season.

(In many cases, hotel guests are given access to designated clubs or offered discounts on daily memberships. Examples of such clubs include Venezia Spiagge and the dog-friendly Pachuka Bau Beach.

If you'd prefer to avoid rental fees and don't mind crowds, head for the simple but functional public beach, which has a small self-service café with toilets. It's located about 600 meters north of the Blue Moon beach at the Adriaric end of the Gran Viale Sant Maria Elisabetta. From the public beach, you can walk north or south along the water, wandering out on jetties and watching ships at sea along the way.

For more information (and more pictures), see our Lido photos: Beaches page.


Lido on Bike signThanks to its flat topography and relatively light car traffic, the Lido is a great place for bicycling--whether you want to tool around town with the family on a quadracycle or venture south along the Murazzi, the 18th Century stone seawalls that run almost to the resort of Alberoni.

Several shops rent bicycles on the Lido, as do many hotels. Biciclette Gardin is at the Piazzale Santa Maria Elizabetta, slightly north of the Lido S.M.E. waterbus station, while Lido on Bike and Venice Bike Rental are on the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, the Lido's main shopping street.


The Circolo Golf Venice, or Venice Golf Club, is located in Alberoni, at the southern end of the Lido. The 18-hole course was designed by a Scottish golf architect in 1928. (The club's official site,, wasn't working the last time we checked, but give it a try. You might also want to watch a YouTube video about the golf course.)

Museums, monuments, and architecture

The Palazzo del Podestà Malamocco has a permanent exhibition of archæological finds in the Venice area. You'll need an appointment to visit the palace, which is on the main road south toward Alberoni. (If you're lucky, you may be able to coordinate your visit with a school trip.)

Closer to the center of the Lido, the Ancient Jewish Cemetery is of historical interest. E-mail [email protected] to inquire about guided tours. (Tour hours vary, and the cemetery is closed on Saturdays, Jewish holidays, December 25th, January 1st, and May 1st.)

Tempio Votivo, Lido di VeneziaJust north of the Lido S.M.E. waterbus station is the Lido War Memorial, locally known as the Tempio Votivo.

You'll see the domed structure (which resembles a Bahá'i House of Worship) as you approach the Lido on the ACTV vaporetto or the Alilaguna airport boat.

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