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Lido Photos: General Scenes

From: Lido di Venezia (Venice Lido)

Lido waterfront

As you approach the Lido by water from Venice Marco Polo Airport, you'll see the Tempio Votivo or War Memorial (left), several hotels, and (on right) the Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta waterbus station.

Venice from Lido di Venezia

After you land on the Lido, you'll have a good view of Venice's historic center across the Lagoon (especially if you have a camera with a telephoto lens, as we did when we took this photo.)

Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta

From the ACTV boat station, you'll exit into the Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta, which is the Lido's main transit hub for water buses, airport boats, land buses, and taxis.

Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta sign

Walk straight ahead, and you'll enter the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, the Lido's main shopping, restaurant, and hotel street. The Gran Viale runs straight across the island to the public beach, which is about 700 meters or slightly less than half a mile away.

Billa, Lido di Venezia

You'll pass the Lido's largest supermarket (renamed Conad City since this photo was taken) on the left side of the street. 

Rizzo, Lido di Venezia

Rizzo Gran Viale interior

Rizzo, on the right side of the Gran Viale, is an upscale pastry shop and delicatessen with a café.

Boy with quadracycle, Lido

In this photo, a boy waits by a quadracycle while his older sister buys treats in yet another bakery and pasticceria on the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta.

Park bench on Gran Viale

Tourists on Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta

The Gran Viale is lined with benches and gelaterie: an ideal combination.

Toy store on Gran Viale, Lido

You'll also find toy shops, clothing boutiques, and other businesses.

Restaurant on Gran Viale

Wisteria on Gran Viale

When we took these photos in early May, the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta was awash in flowers and blossoming trees.

Cat on Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta

Do you prefer fauna to flora? Make friends with a cat as you stroll up the Gran Viale.

Man with dogs on Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta

Dogs are also in plentiful supply. (Venetians--including residents of the Lido--love their cani.)

Dog on Lido

You may see this cane as you walk past a shop next to the Hotel Cristallo. The pup's owner works in the shop, and little Fido (pronounced "Feedo" in Italian) watches passersby while waiting for Mom to show up for a break or lunch.

Cat on Lido

Wander off the Gran Viale, and you'll see more animals--such as this watchcat, which was guarding a Lido resident's vehicle.

Cat on car, Lido

"Allontonati dalla macchina." ("Step away from the car.")

Winged lion on the Lido

Not all of the Lido's cats are living. This bas-relief, which we saw on a house, shows Venice's traditional Winged Lion of St. Mark.

Boy with English t-shirt

Like many places in Europe, the Lido is a great place to spot t-shirts with entertaining captions in English.

Altana on the Lido

This altana or roof terrace on a villa near the Lido's beaches is reminiscent of the "widow's walks" on 19th Century houses along the East Coast of the United States.

We know of two Lido resort hotels, the Villa delle Palme and the Villa Gabriella, that have similar rooftop belvederes for guests.

Naked doll on the Lido

Naturists may be frustrated by the Lido's lack of nudist facilities, but this doll found a solution: sunbathing on a boat.

Dog on a bicycle

On the Lido, even quadripeds ride bicycles.

Waterfront park, Lido

We found this small waterfront park south of the Lido S.M.E. vaporetto stop, next to the Hotel Villa Laguna (which has rooms and a restaurant terrace overlooking the water).

Telephoto view of Venice from the Lido

With Cheryl's telephoto lens, the Campanile di San Marco and the Doge's Palace appeared to be within swimming distance.

Venice from Lido

Need more proof that pictures can be deceptive? This telephoto shot was taken from a bridge on the Lido, which is slightly more than 5 km or 3 miles from the Piazza San Marco.

Farmacia on Lido

Does false perspective give you a headache? Not to worry: You can always buy aspirin at a farmacia.

Double-deck bus snack bar on Lido di Venezia

Near the beaches (see next page), you'll run across a number of outdoor bars and snack stands, including this repurposed double-deck bus on the Lungomare Gabriele D'Annunzio to the north of the public beach.

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