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Jewish Venice

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Venice's Ghetto veniceforvisitors.com
The oldest ghetto in Europe has five synagogues, a Jewish museum, and a kosher restaurant.

Gam Gam veniceforvisitors.com
The menu is Israeli and Italian, the staff is Hasidic, and the food is first-rate at this kosher restaurant in the Ghetto Vecchio.

The Ancient Jewish Cemetery at The Lido of Venice
Venice actually has two Jewish cemeteries on the Lido: one old, one new. The older (and smaller) cemetery is said to be the oldest graveyard in Europe, dating back to a time when Jews were buried in sand on the edges of the Venetian lagoon.

Jewish Venice
Emissaries from the Lubavitcher Rebe in New York established a local chabad in 1991; today, the community operates a rabbinical academy, a Jewish library, a chabad house, and the Gam Gam kosher restaurant (see below).

David's Shop: Judaica Art
This store in the Ghetto has everything from menorahs to refrigerator magnets.

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