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Hotel de "La Ville"

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Hotel de La Ville lobby

The Hotel de "La Ville" has a sitting room off the lobby with Italian-language newspapers on the coffee table and huge windows facing the seafront promenade.

Hotel de La Ville marble staircase

Upstairs hallway at Hotel de la Ville

A carpeted marble staircase with wrought-iron railings leads upstairs to the 37 guest rooms and 8 suites. (The hotel also has an elevator.)

Hotel de La Ville guest room

My renovated double room had a floor-to-ceiling window facing Civitavecchia's new waterfront promenade and the Tyrrhenian Sea. (It would have been nice to have more electrical outlets, but unplugging a lamp solved the problem of how to recharge my computer and camera batteries.)

Hotel de la Ville bathroom

My private bathroom had marble tile walls, a marble shelf around the sink, a marble floor, and antique brass fittings. (The shower stall was modern, with a plastic curtain.)

View from window of Hotel de la Ville

From the room's window, I could look toward the port and see two cruise ships. (The palm trees in the foreground line Civitavecchia's waterfront promenade.)

Note: This photo was taken with a telephoto lens, which makes distant objects appear closer than they are.

Hotel de La Ville breakfast room

Hotel de La Ville Civitavecchia breakfast pastries

The Hotel de "La Ville" serves a buffet breakfast in "La Taverna del Filippo," within the walls of ancient Roman baths. (The pastry selection in the lower photo represents a small portion of the breakfast spread.)

I reserved my room through the secure Hotel de "La Ville" site operated by, our hotel reservations partner, and breakfast was included in the rate.

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