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ABOVE: You can buy tickets in the Trenitalia Biglietteria or from easy-to-use, multilingual vending machines (shown below).

Departing from Venice by train

image - Trenitalia ticket machinesTo reach the trains, enter the station via the main stairs or the wheelchair- and stroller-friendly side entrance (see FAQ: Disabled travelers) and go through the lobby to the doors which lead to the platforms.


  • image - regional ticket machineYou'll find ticket counters in the Biglietteria, but if want to avoid standing line, use the automated ticket-vending machines in the station. (You'll see two types: green "Regionale" machines for trains to Mestre and other locations near Venice, and red Trenitalia machines for destinations throughout the country.

  • Electronic signboards and screens show train departure times and tracks.

  • photoBe sure to validate your ticket at the entrance to the train platform before boarding your train. If you forget, you'll be subject to a large fine.

  • If your train is departing from platform 15 to 23, bear left as you leave the station hall and go throught the passage to the second train shed.

  • Need to use the WC? Read our FAQ: Toilets page.

  • Do you want to eat in the station or buy a snack for the train? See our FAQ: Food and shopping page.

  • Are you arriving by plane and connecting to the station for a train departure? See: Marco Polo Airport to Railroad Station.

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