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From: Venice Railroad Station


ABOVE: The station's lavatories have been modernized to include toilets for wheelchair users.

"Does the station have facilities for disabled travelers?"

Like other major stations in the Italian railway network, Venezia Santa Lucia has a Center for Assistance to Disabled Travelers (CAD). One entrance is in the station hall or lobby (see above), and the other is on the back of the station building, facing the platforms.

CAD personnel can meet you at the train (with a wheelchair, if needed), escort you to a departing train, sell railway tickets, etc. For opening hours and a telephone number, see the Comune di Venezia's Accessible Venice: By Train page. Trenitalia's Assistance to persons with disabilities or reduced mobility page may also be helpful.

How to bypass the station steps

Venice railroad station handicapped entrance signSanta Lucia Station has no stairs within the station (everything is on one level), but the stairs leading from the front entrance to the public throughfare and the Grand Canal can be a nuisance if you're in a wheelchair, pushing a baby stroller, or wrestling with heavy wheeled luggage. Fortunately, the station has a side door that makes it easy to bypass the stairs on your way out of--or into--the station.

The side door is located in the train shed, on the left side as you leave the platforms. See our illustrated step-by-step directions.


  • For information about getting around town if you're physically challenged, read our Accessible Venice article.

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