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ABOVE: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin.

Disability Travel

Sage Traveling: Disabled Access in Berlin
These pages are from, a compendium of accessibility information for dozens of cities in Europe.


Click the mini-map or use the navigation arrows to explore the city with a series of tiled maps.

Lonely Planet - Berlin Map
This map isn't detailed, but it shows the major sights.

Berlin Wall City Maps
If you're too young to remember "West Berlin" and "East Berlin," these maps will show you how the city was divided in 1961 and what East Berlin looked before the Wall came down.


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Weather, climate

Berlin Weather
Check current conditions or click for a 10-day forecast in metric or English units.This page also has links to monthly climate averages, sunrise/sunset, and current time.

Weatherbase: Berlin
Check month-by-month temperatures and other climate data in metric or Imperial units.

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