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Valencia cruise port

On Wednesday, four days after leaving Civitavecchia, we arrived in Valencia, Spain (or "València," to use the local Catalan spelling). The cruise port was about 4 km or 2.5 miles from the city center, next to a basin with large hangars that were built for the 32nd and 33rd America's Cup sailboat races.

Valencia is becoming an increasingly popular port of call for cruise ships, thanks to a modern cruise terminal, an attractive downtown, and the modern City of Arts and Sciences museum and music complex.

Valencia Cruise Terminal

From the ship, a covered walkway took us to the cruise terminal, which offered good views of two Costa vessels: Costa Magica (left) and Costa Mediterranea.

Valencia shuttle bus tickets

After breakfast, we wanted to reach the city as quickly and  easily as possible, so we bought roundtrip shuttle-bus tickets from the Costa Magica reception desk for € 7 each. The tickets were sold for specific departure times from the port, but we could return from the city to the ship whenever we wished.

Valencia Cruise Terminal - Shuttle bus sign

Costa Magica shuttle bus in Valencia, Spain

Outside the cruise terminal, a sign pointed to the shuttle-bus stop, where buses were waiting to take passengers into the city.

Valencia cruise port with shuttle buses

The drive into the city took about 20 minutes in light traffic. (At rush hour, travel time can be longer.)

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