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Approaching Marseille by sea

As Costa Magica approached Marseille the next afternoon, we saw a hilltop fortress, a coastal road that wasn't designed for sissies, and a dry, mountainous landscape overlooking a deep blue sea.

Marseille pilot boat arriving at COSTA MAGICA

A pilot boat raced toward the ship as we neared the port of Marseille.

Marseille cruise terminal

Inside Marseille's harbor, the cruise terminal basked in the early-afternoon sun.

Marseille shuttle buses in cruise port

Because we were arriving in Marseille at 1 p.m., rather than the usual 7 or 8 a.m., most passengers who wanted to go ashore were ready to leave the ship. Costa had anticipated the demand by bringing in a fleet of shuttle buses.

Marseille cruise terminal entrance

Unfortunately, there was a bottleneck waiting on the pier: The cruise terminal simply wasn't big enough to handle the crush of 1,000 or more passengers coming off a ship at the same time.

Signs in Marseille cruise terminal

Signs inside the cruise terminal told where to find shuttle buses, taxis, and public transportation. (We'd already bought 7-euro tickets for the Costa shuttle bus, since we planned to spend our time in Old Port and downtown Marseille.)

Passengers in Marseille cruise terminal

Beneath the signs, Costa Magica passengers remained calm (and surprisingly patient) in the slow-moving line that led through the terminal to the exit doors and shuttle buses.

A representative of the local tourist office handed out free city maps in Italian. The title of the map was "Marsiglia: Pianta del Centro Città."

Public bus stop at port of Marseille

On our way out of the port by shuttle bus, we saw a bus stop of RTM, the Marseille transit network, just beyond the gates about one mile or 1.6 km from the cruise terminal.

For an English-language summary of how to get around Marseille by public or private transportation, see Marseille Tourism's City Transports page or AngloINFO Provence's Marseille Metro, Bus & Tram page.

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