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Copenhagen Dining

From: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen pastries

ABOVE: These desserts are loaded with calories, but they're no match for the Wienerbrød ("Vienna Bread") Danish breakfast pastries.

Danish cuisine is straightforward, for the most part, and it tends to fall into three categories:

Traditional basics. Roasted meats, frikadeller (Danish meatballs), and chicken are often served with potatoes and gravy. Fish is popular, both as an appetizer and as a main dish.

Smørrebrod. Denmark's open-faced sandwiches come in scores or even hundreds of varieties, with toppings that range from liver paste, smoked eel, or herring to more familiar ingredients like ham, cheese, and salmon.

Koldt bord. The Danish equivalent of Sweden's smörgåsbord is a multi-course affair. You start by loading up on various types of herring, other seafoods, and salads, then get a clean plate for a main course that may include cold cuts, hot sausages, meatballs, and fried potatoes. Breads and a dessert buffet round out the menu.

In addition to classic Danish cuisine, you'll find a wide array of international choices in Copenhagen--everything from French restaurants to American fast-food chains.


  • Wienerbrød ("Vienna bread") is Denmark's name for Danish pastry, which is served at breakfast and as a snack in pastry shops. It's a far cry from the limp, heavy "Danishes" served in other countries, so give it a try even if you prefer doughnuts or croissants back home.

  • Look for restaurants that offer a "Dan-Menu" or daglig kort, a meal of two or more courses at a fixed price.

Restaurants at Tivoli

This traditional Danish restaurant has a local institution since 1874. Come alone, as a couple, or with the kids.

The Moorish-style Nimb building, once known as "The Bazaar," now houses an upscale hotel and several restaurants and bars.

Dine on a pirate ship that features Danish cuisine with a Caribbean flavor. (In good weather, you'll want to be on the open deck.)

Restaurants at Dyrehavsbakken

These two restaurants are at Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park, which is located in the Copenhagen suburb of Klampenborg.

Lille Peter
The Restaurant Lille Peter opened in 1888. It serves a wide variety of Danish specialties, including a koldt bord.

Fish filet, Schnitzel, and beefsteak are a few of the meat-and-potatoes specialties here. The restaurant also has a children's menu.

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