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Interview: Karen Brown
Karen Brown, author and publisher of Karen Brown's Guides, talks about life as a guidebook writer and tells the secret of a rewarding European trip.


Anti-Americanism in Europe
Don't let overblown reports of anti-Americanism in Europe tempt you into staying home this year. European travel bargains are too good to resist, and my tips for traveling as an American in Europe will help you keep U.S.-bashers at bay.


Hans Rijpma
I may not know much about art, but I know what I like--and I really like this Dutch artist's chalk and crayon drawings of European scenes (many of which feature classic cars).


DJI Osmo Pocket
Our Venice for Visitors review of this tiny camera/gimbal combination has an embedded travel video with sample footage, "The DJI Osmo in Venice, Italy."


SeV turns the travel vest inside out with a stylish, efficient design that frustrates pickpockets.


Europe for Cruisers
Browse through our European Cruise guide, read cruise reviews, and more.


Etymōtics mk5 Isolator Earphones
These compact, high-quality earphones are a lightweight alternative to bulky noise-cancelling headphones on long flights or train trips. (They're also far less expensive.)


If you've ever wanted to buy flowers while traveling, this lightweight folding travel vase is for you.

Food and Wine

Caseus Prize - Premio Caseus
A competition for the "best cheese trolley in Italy" may sound quirky, but it's taken very seriously by the Italian restaurateurs, food critics, and Slow Food advocates who come to arrange, admire, and taste more than 400 of Italy's best cheeses.


Arcop�dico L19 Booties
These ultra-lightweight women's boots are squishy for easy packing, with enough comfort and arch support for all-day walking in Paris, Porto, or Prague.

Z-CoiL Shoes
Put a spring in your step--literally--with these shock-absorbing shoes, which prevent sore feet during all-day sightseeing.

Group Travel

Europe on Your Own
Should you see Europe with a group tour or independently? Let's look at the pros and cons of each.

Rick Steves on Group Travel (Interview)
The guidebook author and TV travel host talks about escorted tours. Also see the related review of his book, Postcards from Europe.

Internet Access

Cellular Abroad's MiFi Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot
Rent a pocket-size device that includes unlimited Wi-Fi bandwidth for up to five smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. at once. (Unfortunately, it's available only to residents of the U.S. and Canada.) From Venice for Visitors.


Chocolate Museums of Europe
When you've had your fill of cathedrals and art galleries, find food for the soul (and possibly the stomach) in a chocolate museum or theme park.


Packing for Europe in 1966
Forget your travel stereotypes about the Swinging Sixties. To the parents of North America's hippie generation, packing for Europe was more about suitcases and foundation garments than backpacks or tie-dyed t-shirts.

Personal Grooming

ShaveTech USB Travel Shaver
Unlike conventional electric razors, the pocket-size ShaveTech weighs less than a smartphone and charges from your laptop's USB port.

Service Vacations

Global Volunteers
Try a European adventure vacation that doesn't involve paragliding or bungee jumping. It could change your life--and someone else's.

Sex and Drugs (w/o Rock 'n' Roll)

Holland: Tempting the Tourist With Hookers and Hookahs
Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and soft drugs are tolerated. But don't let that keep your children or church group from visiting Holland.

Sex in Europe
To judge from what readers are ogling at Europe for Visitors, many Europe-bound travelers are interested in only one thing.

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