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Regensburg Entertainment and Events

From: Regensburg, Germany

photo LEFT: The Regensburger Domspatzen perform at a high mass in the Cathedral.


Regensburg is a university city with a long cultural tradition, so you'll find plenty of ways to spend your evenings--whether you're interested in highbrow music and theatre, dance clubs, or an evening at the movies. To see what's happening in Regensburg during your visit, pick up the German-language Offizielles Monatsprogramm booklet at the tourist office.

  • Note: To translate the German-language Web sites mentioned on this page, enter their URLs at Google Translate.

Much of the best music is in the city's churches. For example, the Regensburger Domspatzen (see photo) are a world-renowed boys' and men's choir that sings at Cathedral services and special concerts. Other groups perform at churches throughout the city: One evening during December, I happened upon a concert of a gospel choir called Deliverance at the Protestant Dreieinigskeitkirche. (The choir's English pronunciation was so good that it took me a while to figure out if the singers were American or German.)

Theater Regensburg in the Bismarckplatz is the main venue for orchestral concerts, ballet, operas, and German-language plays. (The company also operates three other theatres: the Velodrom, Theater am Haidplatz, and Turmtheater). For smaller-scale theatre and cabaret productions, try the Statt-Theater in the Winklergasse or the Figurentheater im Stadtpark, a puppet theatre on the Dr. Johann-Maier-Straβe.

The Regensburg Sing- und Musikschule has concerts and performances throughout the academic year. The school's home page lists upcoming concerts and performaces; you'll find more information under the individual group listings in the "Bands and Ensembles" section.

Do-si-do enthusiasts should check out Square Dance Around the Regensburg Area, which offers links to local clubs, callers, and information on square dancing throughout Germany. If your dance tastes are more Argentinian, visit the Tango im Fluss Web site.

For movies, check the listings at Altstadtkinos and Film Galerie. (I spent a pleasant evening at the cozy Turm-Theater in the Watmarkt, where patrons buy their tickets at the bar in the auditorium.)

  • Note: In Germany, most imported films are dubbed, but you can check local schedules for movies in the original language with subtitles (Originalversion mit Untertiteln).

Other events

Regensburg's Christmas Markets attract large numbers of Germans and foreign visitors, including passengers from ships that offer holiday river cruises on the Rhine, Main, and Danube.

The Regensburger Maidult (May) and the Regensburger Herbtsdult (September) are open-air festivals where you can shop, eat, drink, listen to music, and get dizzy on carnival rides. See the Regensburger Dult Web site for details in German.

If you aren't in Regensburg for the important markets and fairs, don't worry: Smaller outdoor markets are popular year-round, and the staff of the tourist office will be happy to tell you about them.

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