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Regensburg Transportation

From: Regensburg, Germany


ABOVE: A locomotive of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) enters the Hauptbahnhof or main railroad station in Regensburg.

Arriving and departing

Regensburg is is about one hour from Nürnberg and 1½ hours from Munich by train, with frequent service on both routes. To plan your trip, use the Deutsche Bahn's English-language timetable query form.

By car, you can reach Regensburg via Autobahn A3 (Cologne-Frankfurt-Nürnberg-Regensburg-Passau-Vienna) or A93 (Munich-Regensburg-Hof-Dresden). You can also reach Regensburg on Bundestrassen B8, B15, and B16.

The closest major airport is Munich International Airport, which is served by Lufthansa and more than 80 other airlines. AirportLiner airport shuttles provide door-to-door service between any Regensburg address and MUC. (Private service by car is also available.)

Local transportation

You probably won't need to use local transportation in Regensburg unless you visit the university (which is several kilometers from the city center) or Walhalla. In any case, Regensburg has an extensive bus network; for schedules, fares, and maps, see the RVV transit site.


Most of the city center is a pedestrian zone, with limited access by car. Parking is at public lots or garages, or (in some cases) in private hotel facilities. See the city's Parking pages for more information, or--better yet--e-mail your hotel ahead of time for advice on where to park.

Bike rentals

Several companies rent bicycles in Regensburg--among them, Rent a Bike (at the main railroad station) and Zweirad EHRL just north of the city center. These shops can also give advice on bicycle routes and excursions.

Other forms of transportation

You can rent a canoe or book a tour at Paddelzeit, which is just outside of Regensburg. Canoe tours are also available from Naturpaddeln.

For a ride in a hot air balloon, see Flugzentrum Bayerwald.

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