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Chow! Venice

Book Review
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book cover Chow! Venice
Shannon Essa, Ruth Edenbaum
The Wine Appreciation Guild
Paperback, 180 pages
ISBN 1-934259-00-4
Expanded 2nd Edition - 2007
US $19.95

Sample restaurant review from Chow! Venice:

Taverna San Trovaso
Fondamenta Priuli 1016 - Tel. 041-520-3703

Inexpensive - moderate, Credit cards - yes, Vaporetto - Accademia

Open: T - Sun, lunch and dinner  Reservations: recommended

To get there: From the Accademia bridge, walk right on Calle Gambara and make a left at the first canal. You will be walking right by the restaurant--when you get to the first bridge turn around and you will see the door.

A wonderful stop for lunch or dinner near the Accademia museum, Taverna San Trovaso is popular with both locals and tourists. There are three dining rooms, and the best is downstairs, under a low black-painted brick ceiling--very homey and comforting. The upstairs lacks atmosphere, but generally there are a couple of large parties to create a festive air.The servers all speak some English and are hardworking and helpful. [Editor's note: I prefer the upstairs myself, which just goes to show that tastes vary. --di]

Taverna San Trovaso is one restaurant that offers a decent Tourist Menu. The selection is huge and the portions are large. Be careful how much you order here, because you probably will have too much. A big bowl of aromatic vegetable soup is a fine start to a meal. Pasta portions are exceptionally hefty, so it might be better to split a pasta if you want a secondo.

They offer a wonderful tortellini with rich cream sauce, peas, and ham--too rich for one, perfect to split. The lasagna is hearty and filling, and for a lighter choice for the spaghetti with oil, garlic, and hot pepper--simple and delicious. For your secondo you might try a plate of fried scampi, a basic veal steak with lemon, or a beefsteak. Also offered is a large selection of pizzas that, on busy nights, tend to arrive a bit charred. For dessert, try the house profiteroles or sgroppino.

The house wine is good but there is a list of very good wines at reasonable prices should you choose to get a bottle.

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