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Corso del Popolo

From: Introducing Mestre-Marghera

Hotel Delfino Mestre

The Corso del Popolo is a major thoroughfare on the southeastern edge of central Mestre. It's a few blocks to your right as you face Mestre from the main entrance of the train station.

The street has a number of fairly large, modern hotels such as the Ambasciatori that cater to business travelers, tour groups, and visitors with cars. (Given a choice, we'd pick a hotel closer to the railroad station or in the city center. See "Mestre Hotels" for advice on where to stay.)

Corso del Popolo with Pam Supermarket

Although the Corso del Popolo isn't our favorite street in Mestre, it does have a few redeeming properties: Many of the sidewalks are arcaded, there's a large and excellent Pam Supermarket next to the Hotel Delfino, and there are a number of places to eat along the Corso--among them, a friendly pizza-by-the-slice shop, a gelateria, and several cafés that serve light meals.

Bus stop on the Corso del Popolo

ACTV public buses offer frequent, inexpensive service along the Corso del Popolo to the Piazzale Roma in Venice. (Buy a ticket before catching the bus, and validate it immediately upon boarding. You can purchase tickets at the Hellovenezia office in downtown Mestre, from newsstands and tobacconists, or--quite often--at hotel reception desks.)

Traffic mirror and police station sign in Mestre Italy

Need a cop? Follow the bobby icon to the police station.

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