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From: Introducing Mestre-Marghera

Marghera water tower

Porto Marghera with Costa stack at Fincantieri ShipyardMarghera is on the other side of the railroad tracks from Mestre. Like Mestre, it belongs to the Comune di Venezia. 

Note: Marghera shouldn't be confused with Porto Marghera (inset photo) an industrial zone on reclaimed land in the Venetian Lagoon.

Mestre-Marghera pedestrian and bicycle tunnel

You can reach Marghera by tram from downtown Mestre or via a pedestrian and bicycle tunnel at the southeastern end of the Mestre Railroad Station. As you exit the tunnel, keep going straight ahead on the Via Rizzardi.

Marghera fountain at the Piazzale Giovannacci

Marghera Madonna statue

As you walk or bike through Marghera, you'll encounter two landmarks at the Piazzale Giovannacci: a fountain in a traffic roundabout, and a statue of the Madonna across the street. (A local man saw us taking pictures and explained that the Madonna was moved from its former location, now occupied by the fountain, when the road was rebuilt to accommodate the new tram line.)

Chiesa di San Antonio Marghera

Flowers by Chiesa di San Antonio in Marghera

Another landmark is the Chiesa di San Antonio, a modern church facing a park and the Piazza del Municipio.

Marghera water tower

It's hard to miss the Marghera water tower, which is visible from many parts of town. (Note the tricolor decoration, which must be annoying to Northern League separatists.)

  Bike pedestrian and car lanes in Marghera

If you're a fan of urban planning, you'll be impressed by Marghera's multimodal transportation infrastructure--which is a fancy way of saying that some of the district's major streets have dedicated two-way bicycle paths in addition to the usual pedestrian sidewalks and traffic lanes.

Citroen 2CV

The Fiat cinquecento may be more appealing to Italophiles (especially in its original incarnation), but it was hard for us not to be delighted by the sight of a beautifully-maintained CitroŽn 2CV on a Marghera street.

Marghera ACTV bus stop

Public transportation is readily available in Marghera, with several ACTV bus lines running to Mestre and/or Venice. Still, we still think most out-of-towners will be happier staying in Mestre, which has more to offer visitors.

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