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Introducing Mestre-Marghera

Take a virtual walking tour with captioned photos of Mestre and Marghera, the mainland gateways to Venice.

From: Mestre, Italy

Dog in the Piazza Ferretto - Mestre

ABOVE: A dog takes its mistress for a walk in downtown Mestre, Italy.

Ponte della Liberta, Mestre to VeniceMestre and its neighbor, Marghera, are districts of the Comune di Venezia, a.k.a. the city of Venice. They're located on the Italian mainland at the foot of the Ponte della Libertà, the causeway that runs approximately 4 km or 2.6 miles to the historic center of Venice, which is a cluster of 100 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon.

Mestre Railroad Station signMany tourists choose to stay in Mestre (or, sometimes, in Marghera) to save money on hotels, to avoid parking and luggage-hauling hassles, or to be close to the Venezia Mestre Railroad Station, which is the Venice stop for many long-distance and international through trains. If you're among these visitors, you needn't feel guilty or worried about your choice: Mestre and Marghera are far more pleasant than most guidebooks and travel sites will tell you.

In the following pages, we'll take you on an informal--and somewhat random--virtual walking tour through Mestre and Marghera. We hope you'll find our photos and detailed captions helpful in visualizing the Venetian mainland before your trip.

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