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More scenes from downtown Mestre

From: Introducing Mestre-Marghera

Teatro Toniolo

The Teatro Toniolo may look strange here, thanks to our photo editor's distortion-correcting filter, but don't let that give you the wrong perspective: The Teatro Toniolo is one of several theatres in Mestre, and it has a busy calendar of Italian-language plays, comedy, symphonic and chamber music, and dance.

Canal in Mestre

Mestre river

Like Venice, Mestro has canals, but only a few--such as this small canalized river through the city center. The canal is lined with pedestrian walkways and apartments. A snack bar, the Caffè dell'Orologio, straddles the water.

Banca Popolare di Vicenza

The building on the right may look like a house, but it's actually a branch of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza, which shares this tiny square with a children's railroad.

Hotel Venezia Mestre

The three-star Hotel Venezia has an unusual feature on its roof: a garden with a full-size tree.

Via Gozzi apartment houses

These colorful apartment houses are on the Via G. Gozzi, just to the south of the main business district.

Bike Share Venezia

Bike Sharing Venezia sign in downtown Mestre

If you borrowed a bicycle from Bike Sharing Venezia at the train station, you can drop it off at this automated rental location downtown.

Tram and bicycle in downtown Mestre

Mestre-Marghera tram

After you've parked your bike, you can catch a tram from Mestre to the neighboring district of Marghera. (The modern trams make very little noise as they speed through the city center, so be careful when crossing the street if you see tracks in the pavement.)

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