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Via Piave, Mestre

From: Introducing Mestre-Marghera

Hotel Bologna Mestre

The street directly across from the Mestre railroad station's main entrance is the Via Piave, which runs all the way from the station to downtown. The building on the left is the Best Western Hotel Bologna, which was founded in 1911.

Arcades on the Via Piave Mestre

Mestre laundromat

As you continue along the Via Piave, you'll walk under a number of arcades that shield pedestrians from the sun and rain. Shops, pizzerie, cafés, and other businesses (such as the laundromat above) line the covered sidewalk.

Old buildings on Mestre's Via Piave

Flowers on Mestre apartment balcony

Church on Via Piave

Buildings on the Via Piave are a mixture of old and new, with apartment houses scattered amid historic buildings, commercial structures, a park, and a church or two.

Via Monte Grappa sign

Like other streets in Mestre, the Via Piave is well-maintained, but this sign for the Via Monte Grappa--a small side street--is a rusty relic from the past. (Maybe it's on an historic-preservation list.)

Garden in Mestre

Statues in Mestre

Mestre has its share of newer monuments, such as this sculpture fountain alongside a garden on the Via Piave.

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