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Savona (3)


The Palazzo del Comune, or City Hall, was on a square just west of the Via Paleocapa.

Savona Cathedral

Nearby, the Duomo or Cathedral loomed over the narrow streets.

Savona Cathedral Cloister

The cathedral's cloister was open to the public, with no admission fee.

Sistine Chapel, Savona

Sistine Chapel interior, Savona

We had time to visit the Cappella Sistina, or Sistine Chapel, before the caretaker locked up the cloister so he could go to lunch.

The Cappella Sistina was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV, who came from Savona. It was built between 1481 and 1483 as a mausoleum for the pope's parents, and it was turned into a rococo chapel in the 1700s. (The same pope also commissioned the Vatican's Sistine Chapel.)

Elsewhere in the city center, we saw this statue of the Virgin Mary adorning the corner of a building.

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