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Valencia (4)

Having figured out that both "Mercat Central" and "Mercado Central" meant "Central Market," we found our way to the largest indoor food market in Europe.

Mercat Central windows

Mercat Central dome

Dome of Valencia Central Market

We found ourselves in a secular basilica designed for grocers. The domed structure was built in the early 20th Century, and it combines post-Victorian steelwork with Valencian ceramics and stained glass.

Main aisle - Mercat Central Valencia

Stalls in Valencia Central Market

The Mercat Central's interior was lit mostly by daylight and illumination from the vendors' stalls.

Produce merchant in Valencia Mercado Central

Fruit and vegetables in Mercat Central Valencia

Customers could buy fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, baked goods, and many other kinds of foods.

Chufa nuts in Valencia Central Market

This stall was selling chufa nuts, which are used for making orxata or horchata.

Chocolate Redondo - Valencia Spain

At another stall, we bought a stick of chocolate redondo, a specialty of Valencia.

Snack bar in Mercado Central Valencia

If we'd been hungrier, we could have ordered a drink or light meal at a snack bar in the Mercat Central.

Candy shop outside Mercat Central in Valencia, Spain

Alternatively, we could have loaded up on turron and other sweets at the candy stall outside the market. (Instead, we saved our grapes and chocolate redondo for a picnic later in the afternoon.)

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