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Pazo de Oca

From: Galician Palace Gardens


ABOVE: Vases flank a path in the Pazo de Oca's gardens. INSET BELOW: The chapel (1712-1752) and manor house (1746).

photoMichelin's Green Guide: Spain gives two stars (out of a possible three) to the Pazo de Oca, a ranking that means the palace and its "amazing garden" are worth a detour.

We think you'll enjoy touring the gardens, which have earned the nickname of "Galicia's Versailles." The extensive gardens include stone fountains, an artificial lake with islands shaped like boats, topiary animals, exotic trees, Baroque follies, and more.

The palace itself is a lovely backdrop, and its chapel is worth a peek. (You can book the chapel for weddings, but inquire early, because the chapel and manor house are popular with Galician couples.)

How to reach the Pazo de Oca:

From Santiago de Compostela, head southeast (toward Lalín) on the N-525 road, which runs parallel to the AP-53 motorway. The Pazo de Oca is about 25 km or 16 km from Santiago, and the settlement of Oca is shown on Turgalicia's free Galicia tourist map.

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