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Freiberg Mine Tour

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Bergwerk Freiberg painting of miners

Ore Mountains silver miner

The tour begins above ground in the Bergwerk's main building, which has several paintings of miners from the Ore Mountains or Erzgebirge.

Bergwerk Freiberg visitor

Before descending into the mine, you'll need to put on a helmet and rubber cape.

Waiting for mine hoist

A mine hoist will lower you deep into the earth. (If you're prone to claustrophobia, we suggest bailing out before entering the cage.)

Bergwerk Freiberg mine instructor

Once you're underground, a mine instructor will give a short lecture. (Here, Marco--a second-generation miner from the region--describes the bell signals that are used for communication between the miners and the hoist operator.) 

Bergwerk Freiberg antique ore car

German miner's helmet

Explosives in Freiberg mine

An underground mine museum features exhibits such as an antique ore car, a helmet with the traditional Schlagel und Eisen miners' emblem, and explosives that are used to blast ore-bearing rock.

Bergwerk Freiberg mine train stop

With your fellow visitors, you'll wait for a mine train. The train's small compartments are dark, cramped, and noisy, but the ride lasts only a few minutes.

Goat in Bergwerk Freiberg

Pets aren't allowed in the Bergwerk, but this goat replica (presumably an example of mine humor) is the next best thing.

Lunch in the Bergwerk Freiberg

Food in Besucherbergwerk FreibergLunch in the Bergwerk Freiberg

If you're traveling with a group, you can prebook an underground lunch, which is served by a chef from a local hotel. (Our lunch was excellent, consisting of a hot potato soup, rye bread, cold cuts, cheese, beer, and various condiments or side dishes.)

Grubenfeuer liqueur

Our midday meal concluded with flaming shots of Grubenfeuer, an herbal liqueur that's associated with German miners.

Bergwerk Freiberg mine hoist

After the tour (and lunch, if you're eating underground), your guide will call the hoist for your return trip to the surface. As you leave the tour, remember the miner's traditional farewell of "Gluck auf!"

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