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Day 5: Mouth of Kotor and Mljet, Croatia (5)

Pomena, Mljet

Outdoor restaurant in Pomena, Mljet

Pomena turned out to be a village of about 50 inhabitants with a handful of hotels, outdoor restaurants, and bars. (It's one of just a few settlements on the island of Mljet, most of which is a Croatian national park.)

Bathers in Pomena, Mljet

Not far from L'Austral's tender landing, bathers were perched on the rocky shore. (We weren't among them, but we later learned that many of L'Austral's passengers had come ashore to swim.)

Pomena waterfront with vintage boat

Excursion boat in Pomena, Mljet, Croatia

Excursion boats were tied up along the waterfront. The boat in the lower photo was about to return to its home port of Dubrovnik.

Mljet tourist map

Other boats, including scheduled car ferries and high-speed catamarans, arrive and depart on the northern shore of the long, narrow island. (In the tourist map above, Pomena is the blob of yellow near Mljet's western or leftmost tip.)

Pomena map

A map in the village showed roads and walking paths around Pomena. (We would have liked to have more time in Pomena to explore the park. L'Austral was in port for only four hours, and passengers had to be back on board 30 minutes before departure.)

Mljet National Park ticket office

List of rules for Mljet National Park

The ticket office for the Mljet National Park was in the center of Pomena, and visitors weren't allowed to leave the settlement without buying an expensive ticket.

Pomena playground

We decided to stay in town, since we didn't want to get lost in the woods and miss our ship's departure. We admired the local playground, a wading pool for children, and a view of L'Austral from the waterfront promenade.

Clear water in Pomena, Mljet

We were especially impressed by the clarity of the water along the shore.

Pomena yacht marina

After wandering around the village center, we checked out the yacht marina on the other side of the inner harbor.

Marina in Pomena, Mljet

A dog stood between a yacht and one of several bars along the waterfront.

Cat in Pomena, Mljet

A cat checked to see if we were friendly or edible. 

Rusty anchor in Pomena on the island of Mljet

A rusty anchor lay in the grass and bushes nearby.

Yachts in Pomena Harbor 

Offshore, a vintage excursion boat and various small boats were tied up to a wooden pier.

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