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Beauvais Shopping & Public Markets

From: Beauvais, France

In Beauvais, traditional baskets and wicker carts are still used for everyday shopping:

Beauvais shopping baskets

Shopping cart in Beauvais, France public market

Although Beauvais has a population of only 55,000, you'll find a branch of the Galeries Lafayette department store in the heart of downtown:

Galeries Lafayette department store in Beauvais, France

For our money, the best bargains in Beauvais are in the Place des Halles, where a public market takes place twice a week. We visited the market on a Saturday, when it was packed with shoppers and their dogs:

Dogs in stroller at Place des Halles, Beauvais

Was this dog recovering from surgery, or had its owner found a clever way to keep it from snatching food at vendors' stalls?

Dog with Elizabethan collar in Beauvais, France

The Place des Halles had food offerings for carnivores and vegans alike:

Rotisserie chicken at Beauvais public market

Strawberries at street market in Beauvais, France

Vegetables at Beauvais public market

We were impressed by this artistic display of radishes:

Radishes at Saturday market in Places des Halles, Beauvais, France

There were no cellophane bags of prepackaged nuts at this vendor's stall:

Nut vendor in Beauvais public market

A section of the market featured clothing vendors, including one who sold Cheryl an African hat:

Clothing vendors at Place des Halles, Beauvais

Cheryl Imboden with African hat from Beauvais public market

Another corner of the Place des Halles had furniture and bedding merchants:

Furniture at Place des Halles market, Beauvais

Mattress and bed vendor in Beauvais public market

Having explored the public market and admired its bedding, we turned our attention to a salon for hipsters across the street:

Men's hair salon in Beauvais, France

We weren't shopping for a guitar or other stringed instrument, but if we had been, Monsieur Hosstler would have been our man: 

Hosstler luthier - Beauvais

A few blocks away in the Place Jeanne Hachette, booksellers had sent up tents for the Salon du Livre de Beauvais - Beauvais Ô Cœur du Livre:

Place Jeanne Hachette book fair, Beauvais, France

Salon du Livre de Beauvais - Beauvais Ô Cœur du Livre

We discovered that, in France, "Where's Waldo? or "Where's Wally?" is "Où est Charlie?"

"Où est Charlie?" at Beauvais book fair

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