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Rialto Bridge Photos

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Grand Canal with Rialto Bridge

Old Venice meets New Venice in this photo of a package-delivery boat on the Grand Canal.

Rialto Bridge with tourists

The Rialto Bridge's balustrades are packed with tourists and picture-takers on the Saturday of a holiday weekend.

Rialto Bridge view

Don't let the crowds discourage you--if you're patient, you can easily grab a spot along the railing.

Grand Canal

The views from either side of the Rialto Bridge are spectacular, with a constant stream of boats and barges traveling up and down the Grand Canal.

Rialto Bridge shops

On the inside of the bridge, within the double row of stone arches that provide much of the bridge's structural strength, shopkeepers sell jewelry and souvenirs from stalls that have catered to vistors and locals since Venice's heyday as the most important trading center in Southern Europe.

Rialto Bridge at night

At night, the best views of the Rialto Bridge are from the No. 1 vaporetto. (Get a seat in the open stern area, or up front if you're on one of the older water buses with seating in the bow.)

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