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Check our recommendations of guidebooks, general nonfiction, and novels on Venetian topics.

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Venice for Rookies
Our review (with page images) of this e-book guide for cost-conscious travelers is available on our Venice Travel Blog.

Venice Master Artisans
If you buy just one coffee-table book about Venice, make it this one. The large-format, 272-page book has 210 color photos and 30 profiles of artisans who use traditional techniques to make everything from glass to footwear to metal castings. (There's even an American-born gondola maker.)

A Thousand Days in Venice
Can a divorced American chef find happiness with a Venetian bank manager who resembles Peter Sellers? Marlena de Blasi tells us the answer in a delightful book about falling in love with a man and a city.

Chow! Venice
Shannon Essa and Ruth Edenbaum have written a lively, informative guide to scores of Venetian restaurants and bars. The book also includes tips on how, when, and what to eat in Venice.

Zoe Sophia's Scrapbook
Whether you're planning a trip to Venice with the kids, shopping for a souvenir, or looking for the perfect children's gift, you can't go wrong with this picture book by Claudia Mauner and Elisa Smalley.

The Cats of Venice
Shin Otani celebrates the feline citizens of La Serenissima in an inexpensive book with 80 color photos.

Venice in Context
Robert Wayne's self-guided tour of Venice's leading churches, monuments, and squares includes a 158-page guidebook and a dozen narrated tours on audio CDs.

Venice: The Art of Living
A sumptuous book on Venetian lifestyle and decor, with hundreds of spectacular color photographs.

Venice: The Four Seasons
Novelist Lisa St. Aubin de Ter�n moved to Venice with her husband and children in 1988. She later wrote a book about her experiences, and that book is now available in a handsomely illustrated paperback edition.

Venice Hotel Guidebooks
Before you book a room in Venice, read these two paperbacks.

Venice: Places and History
This handsome book has a great text and hundreds of color photos, including spectacular aerial views--yet it costs less than some hardcover beach novels.

Italian Lakes and Mountains (with Venice and Florence)
Car touring is the focus of this Thomas Cook Signpost Guide, which divides Northern Italy into 24 areas. A book review from Europe for Visitors.

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