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Ciampino Airport - Civitavecchia by Train

How to reach Rome's cruise port from Ciampino Airport (CIA) by public transportation.

From: Civitavecchia (Port of Rome)

Rome Termini Station

ABOVE: Travelers wait for a Terravision coach outside Ciampino Airport's arrivals and departures terminal.

To reach the Port of Rome at Civitavecchia by public transportation from Ciampino Airport (CIA), you'll need to make the journey in two steps:

  • From Ciampino Airport to Rome's Termini Station by coach, or or local bus and Metro.

  • From Termini Station to Civitavecchia by train.

(If you're traveling in the other direction, simply reverse the steps.)

Total travel time is anywhere from two to three hours, depending on your transportation choices and how long it takes you to make the connection at Termini Station. Fares are reasonable: €10 or less for the entire journey.

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  • If you're pressed for time, or if you're traveling with excessive luggage, you may want to consider splurging on a coach transfer from your cruise line or a private car transfer between the airport and cruise port.

  • CivitavecchiaCivitavecchia is an attractive seaside resort, and if you're flying in from North America or another distant continent, we recommend spending a night in the town before your cruise. (Several hotels, including the comfortable four-star Hotel de "La Ville," are along the 200m waterfront walk between the railroad station and the port entrance.)

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