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Hotel de "La Ville"

From: Civitavecchia (Port of Rome)

Hotel De La Ville entrance, Civitavecchia.

ABOVE: The main entrance of the Hotel de "La Ville" in Civitavecchia, Italy. (The hotel was built in 1876.)

Several hotels have near-perfect locations along the waterfront street that runs between Civitavecchia's railroad station and the cruise port: the three-star Hotel Mediterraneo, the four-star Hotel San Georgio, and the four-star Hotel de "La Ville", which is the subject of this review.

The Hotel de "La Ville" is one football field's length from the railroad station. It's also handy to cruise ships: Just walk back to the train station and take an inexpensive shuttle to the port's shuttle-bus stop, where you can catch a free bus to your ship.

About the hotel

 Lobby flowers at Hotel de La Ville CivitavecchiaThe Hotel de "La Ville" is a large 19th Century mansion that, if it were in Rome, might serve as an embassy or consulate. The spacious lobby is decorated with white-and-black marble, intricate plasterwork, flowers, and huge windows that bring in light from Civitavecchia's waterfront promenade. An elevator and a carpeted marble staircase lead to 37 guest rooms and 8 suites, many of which offer views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The hotel has an elegant dining room, "Filippo III Il Ristorante," and a candlelit "Taverna di Filippo" in the vaulted cellars of the hotel, which were built within the walls of ancient Roman baths. (The Taverna doubles as a breakfast room.)

Rates are reasonable for a four-star hotel: When I stayed at the hotel a few summers ago, I paid 100 for a large room with double bed facing the sea, with a buffet breakfast included in the price.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

Another big plus: The English-speaking reception staff are helpful and kind.

How to reach the Hotel de "La Ville"

  • From the railroad station: Turn right as you leave the station and walk downhill. (The incline is gentle.)  You'll reach the Hotel de "La Ville" in two or three minutes.

  • From the cruise port: From your ship, take the port's free shuttle bus to the shuttle-bus stop outside the port. There, you can catch an inexpensive shuttle to the railroad station and follow the directions above.

More photos, rates, and reservations

For captioned pictures of the hotel, see page 2 of this review.

To check rates, or to book a room at the Hotel de "La Ville," click here.

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