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Fondamente Nove (F.te Nove)

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Fondamente Nove (Venetian dialect for "Fondamenta Nuove") is the gateway to the islands of the Northern Lagoon, and it's the last stop in Venice's historic center for Alilaguna water buses that go to Marco Polo Airport.

Fondamente Nove ACTV and Alilaguna waterbus stop

The station consists of four waterbus platforms scattered along the northern edge of Venice's historic center, facing the Venetian Lagoon. (The Piazza San Marco is due south as the Venetian pigeon flies.)

Pontile A is a short walk from the Gesuiti Church in Cannaregio, while Pontoons B, C, and D are clustered together slightly to the east, across a bridge.

Fondamente Nove platform mapA ticket booth and machine near the B-C platforms serve all four pontili. Click the thumbnail image for a large station map.

Fondamente Nove is served by:

Walking directions to hotels near Alilaguna's F. Nove stop:

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