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ACTV Maps, Timetables, and Apps

View schedules or download PDF files to your computer, tablet, or smartphone from the Venice public-transportation network's Web site. Apps for iPhones and Android phones are also available.

ACTV route map

ABOVE: This thumbnail shows ACTV's easy-to-read route map, which you can download as a large, scalable PDF file from ACTV's Web site.

ACTV, Venice's public-transit agency, has published a number of useful documents that you can view on your computer, tablet, or smartphone or print before leaving for Venice.

To save you the hassle of trying to find the maps and timebables on ACTV's confusing Web site, we've provided links to the relevant pages below.

"" ACTV Transit Maps

The English-language version of this page was broken the last time we tried it, so we've provided a link to the Italian version. It has green buttons for PDF files of the following items:

  • Map of navigation lines (i.e., a vaporetto map).

  • Map of bus services on the Lido di Venezia.

  • Map of land buses in Mestre and Marghera (Venice's mainland districts).

  • Map of tram boarding locations in Mestre's Piazzale Cialdini (see "Tram" below).

"" Land Bus Timetables

Click the link above to find land buses from the mainland districts of Mestre and Marghera to Venice's Piazzale Roma, for travel within Mestre's urban bus network on the Venetian mainland, and for suburban/exurban bus routes.

"" Tram

ACTV operates trams in Mestre and Marghera, and also a new Line 1 tram between Mestre and Venice's Piazzale Roma.

"" People Mover

The People Mover elevated tram runs between Piazzale Roma (the car, bus, and taxi gateway to central Venice), the Marittima cruise terminals, and the Tronchetto parking garage. For detailed information with photos, see our Venice People Mover article.

ACTV smartphone apps

Venice's transit service has free smartphone apps for iOS and Android. See:

"" ACTV iPhone app (Apple store)

"" ACTV Android app (Google Play store)


  • See our Venice Travel Blog post about official ACTV published timetables that aren't always up to date.

  • ACTV's Web site can be flaky, and URLs have a nasty habit of changing without warning. If any of the ACTV links above don't work, try navigating to  the home page at and drill down from there.

  • ACTV's phone apps have terrible reviews, so they may not be worth installing on your phone.

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