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Civitavecchia Cruise and Ferry Port

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ABOVE: The Port of Civitavecchia's shuttle-bus stop near the Porta Tarqinia doesn't look like much, but it's well-organized and has an Infopoint with tourist information.

Shuttle buses in Rome's cruise port

imageAt the Port of Civitavecchia, cruise ships normally moor along the breakwater between the harbor and the Tyrrhenian Sea. (Ferries use dedicated piers.)

Free shuttle buses run between the cruise ships and a new shuttle-bus stop north of the port, which is about a 10-minute walk to downtown Civitavecchia.

How to use the free shuttle buses:

  • image If you're arriving on a cruise ship and haven't booked a transfer or shore excursion, take the shuttle to the shuttle-bus stop beyond the port walls (see photo). From there, follow the signs to the city center, or take an inexpensive shuttle bus to the Civitavecchia railroad station.

  • If you're departing on a cruise ship or ferry, take an inexpensive shuttle bus from the Civitavecchia railroad station to the cruise port's shuttle-bus stop. You can then transfer to a shuttle for your specific ship. (At peak times, there may be a wait for a shuttle--especially if you're cruising on a ship that carries several thousand passengers--so try to reach the port ahead of the crowd.)

  • Shuttle drivers don't expect tips, so there's no need to reach for your wallet.

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