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Bridge maintenance

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Just like bridges in other cities, Venice's footbridges need to be overhauled or even replaced from time to time--not just for the convenience and safety of pedestrians, but also to update utility lines for water, gas, and Internet.

BELOW: One of the biggest bridge projects of recent years was a complete overhaul of the Accademia Bridge in the late 1990s, which gave the renovated bridge a new and more colorful livery.

Workboat during Accademia Bridge construction

Accademia Bridge steps being repaired

Accademia Bridge, Venice

BELOW:  During another renovation project, the Bridge of Sighs peeked out from temporary walls as the Doge's Palace and the Palazzo delle Prigioni were gussied up.

Bridge of sighs with temporary walls

BELOW:  This bridge had its steps removed (one side at a time) during repairs. Workers then coated the structure underneath with a green goo and replaced or installed utility lines.

Note: The top photo was shot through the fringe of a Venetian Republic flag. It shows how one side of the bridge is still in use while the other is torn up for utility work.

Bridge undergoing repairs in Venice, Italy

Footbridge repairs in Venice, Italy

Utility lines and green goo on Venice bridge during repair

Gas line on Venice bridge

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