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Ponte dei Scalzi (Scalzi Bridge)

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The Ponte dei Scalzi (Venetian dialect for Ponte degli Scalzi), or Scalzi Bridge, is close to the western end of the Grand Canal, next to the Venezia Santa Lucia Railroad Station.

 It offers quick access to the sestiere or borough of Santa Croce, and the walking route from the station to the Piazza San Marco via the Scalzi Bridge the Accademia Bridge is marginally less crowded than the main thoroughfare on the northern side of the Grand Canal.

BELOW: To reach the Ponte dei Scalzi, turn left as you leave the Venezia Santa Lucia Railroad Station. The bridge will be just ahead of you.

Ponte degli Scalzi, Venice

BELOW: The Ponte dei Scalzi is one of Venice's highest bridges, so prepare for some exercise if you're traveling with heavy or bulky luggage.

Ponte dei Scalzi, Venice

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