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Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge)

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From: Bridges of Venice

ABOVE: Visitors pose for photos on the Rialto Bridge during a rainy night in November.

The Rialto Bridge , a.k.a. Ponte di Rialto, is the best-known bridge in Venice. The current structure dates back to 1591, when it was opened as a permanent replacement for previous bridges (:including a boat bridge) that spanned the Grand Canal.

The Ponte di Rialto lies at the midpoint of the Canal Grande and provides a connection between two of the city's busiest pedestrian thoroughfares.

BELOW: An Alilaguna Linea Arancio airport boat travels up the Grand Canal after passing under the Rialto Bridge.

Alilaguna Airport boat and Rialto Bridge, Venice

BELOW: Transit passengers enjoy sheltered open-air views from the stern of an ACTV Line 1 vaporetto.

Rialto Bridge from aft seating of Vaporetto Linea 1

BELOW: The Rialto Bridge offers excellent views from the walkways on either side of the structure.

Cheryl Imboden on Rialto Bridge, Venice

Rialto Bridge on a rainy day

BELOW: The main or center walkway of the Ponte di Rialto is lined with shops. (In addition to providing revenue to the city, the facing rows of shops provide structural support for the bridge.)

Shops on Rialto Bridge

BELOW: Venetians get annoyed when tourists use the Rialto Bridge as an adventure playground, even when the visitors don't slip and fall.

Girl on balustrade of Rialto Bridge, Venice

Boy sliding on railing of Rialto Bridge, Venice

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