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Luna Hotel Baglioni

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ABOVE: Suite 504 offers sweeping views from the top floor of the Luna Hotel Baglioni.


The Luna Hotel Baglioni has nine suites, each individually decorated with antiques and other fine furnishings under the personal supervision of Roberto Polito, managing director of the family-owned Baglioni hotel group. For example:

photoSuite 504 (see photo above) occupies the top floor of the six-story hotel, where large windows in the living room and separate bedroom give views of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Santa Maria della Salute church, and the island of Giudecca. In the luxurious bathroom at right, which has a marble seat in the shower stall, another window overlooks the Campanile and the Doge's Palace. (This is the hotel's most expensive suite.)

Suite 401, formerly the managing director's private suite, has a split-level layout, an angled ceiling in the bedroom, and a view of St. Mark's Basin.

Suite 409 has a striking Titian red and gold theme, a view of the Royal Gardens and palace from the living room, and glimpses of the Campanile and Doge's Palace from the bedroom.

photoSuite 308 is one of two suites with private terraces. From the living room, double doors lead into the bedroom, dressing room, and a bathroom that's divided into separate toilet/sink and Jacuzzi/shower areas.

Suite 410, a junior suite, has a view of the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Basin.

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